Band gold

Medical devices and quasi-drugs professional manufacturing company

BANDGOLD is a healthy company that protects and envelops mankind.

Welcome to Band Gold

Established in 1992, it is a company that manufactures safe and high-quality quasi-drugs and medical devices.

By leading the GMP certification and supplying safer and better products through differentiated quality management.

Our Products


No lint-free soft SB fabric, no skin irritation, and increased skin burden when used for a long time.


It is a new concept band that integrates the functions of a band-aid and a bandage.

Super Fix

It helps the process of bandages and gauze using non-irritating adhesives and has excellent ventilation.

Band Pore

It helps the process of bandages, gauze, and infusion tube, and has excellent ventilation.

Our Sustainable Development Goals

Good Health and Well-Being

Our products are medical products such as medical bandages, health masks, syringes, and thermometers, which contribute to ensuring a healthy life for mankind.

Quality Education

Scholarships are provided to economically disadvantaged students to provide educational opportunities and to provide training opportunities for employees of external organizations for their growth.

Gender Equality

Women are the representatives of the company, and 69% of the employees are women, and we are promoting salaries, jobs, and promotions without discrimination based on age or gender.​

Decent Work and Econimic Growth

The company continues to grow every year to expand the number of employees, and it is a stable growing company that leads growth through new product development, active facility investment, and marketing strategies, and implements various policies for employee welfare.​

Reduced Inequalities

By 2030, promote and expand the social, economic and political inclusion of all people regardless of age, gender, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion, economy or other status by employing foreigners (developing countries) without discrimination treat you.

Better next Growth

BNG (Better Next Growth) is a brand of Band Gold that ‘continues to grow by continuously researching better products’.

Our Awards & Certificate

2021 Small and Medium Venture Business Minister's Commendation
Minister of SMEs and Startups
2017 Korea Customer Satisfaction Awards
2021 THE RED CROSS Guide Awards
Korean Red Cross

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We will grow into a respected company that contributes to human health and social contribution through continuous research and development.