About us

BANDGOLD is a healthy company that protects and envelops mankind beneficially.

BANDGOLD Co., Ltd., established in 1992, is a company that manufactures safe and high-quality over-the-counter drugs and medical devices.

We are leading the development of therapeutic agents by acquiring GMP certification and supplying safer and better products through differentiated quality management.

In addition, by returning corporate profits to society in various ways, it was selected as a ‘sharing company’ and a ‘right company’, and is continuously fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities.

We will continue to produce reliable products and grow into a respected company through ethical and transparent management.

Our History


– Office building competed and transferred (Anyang, Manan-gu)


– Clean room facility completed


BandGold Co., Ltd. Fudation

located in Gwangmyeong Demonstration Industrial Complex

our certificate & awards

Received permission to manufacture quasi-drugs in 1992, started manufacturing and importing medical devices in 2015, and received various certifications and awards, including ISO9001 and FAD certifications.

“We will continue to research and develop variours quasi-drug and medical devices to advance into the global market.”

Certificate & award

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We will grow into a respected company that contributes to human health and social contribution through continuous research and development.